The Short of The Story

My brother (Justin) and I were being boys. I grew up mostly a country boy in SD and CO, riding dirt bikes and playing with guns. Justin was driving a car and I was following him on my dirt bike. Of course we were goofing around and racing. He was fishtailing the car so that I couldn’t pass him and lost control. He ran off the road into a cornfield and pretty much closed his eyes and put his foot down hoping to hit the break and hit the gas. I could see that this was going to end badly and got off my bike. He ran into a telephone pole and the pole fell. As I was running the wire snapped and landed on my head zapping me pretty good. I will spare the gory details but most of the electricity traveled through my body exiting in my left knee, taking a huge chunk out of my leg and paralyzing my left foot. Some of the electricity surfaced around in my chest and slowly burned it’s way out, leaving burns from the inside out on my chest, back and left arm. Most of my organs pretty much got micro waved. I was out for a good five minutes while Justin ran to the neighbors call 911, they already had so he came back to me just as I was waking and then ran to our house about a mile away to get my parents. When my dad got there I was obviously in a state of shock having no clue what happened and trying to get back on the bike, he settled me down as best he could and we waited for the emergency people to arrive. After a small hospital in Sterling, CO I was sent to a hospital in Greeley, CO for the 1st week and then transferred to the Shiners Burn Institute in Galveston, TX where they took care of me until I was 21. Obviously lots of surgeries (40+ on the knee alone) and recovery but those are the basics. .

Since that time I have been pretty stubborn about keeping the leg, always hoping / praying for more to be available in terms of an alternative to amputation. In the past, Dr’s have not wanted to do a knee replacement for a # of reason’s: age / maturity, lack of muscle, the foot, but mostly because it just doesn’t make sense. For the last six months, I have been seeking out opinions again as I have grown a ½ an inch in the last couple years. I’m 28 is that still suppose to happen? With that the knee has been changing a lot and I have been breaking knee braces every couple of months, which has not only gotten expensive, but has also taken its toll on the knee. The last few times it has occurred I’ve dislocated the knee, and I’ve have to put it back. Anyways, after this last round of seeing Dr’s, Tara and I have made the decision to amputate. This is something that I have thought about everyday since the accident and have been trying avoid, but now as pain has been dramatically increasing, it is time. I saw one Dr. that was willing to do a replacement, but his estimate at best would only last 5-8 years with the replacement, and more than likely I’d be faced with the same decision as now. It would solve the pain problem, but not give much more activity than I have now. The amputation opens so many other doors for activity making it the best decision. With a baby coming soon, Tara and I have decided to have the surgery at the end of May, 2007, which will give a couple months recovery time before the little one arrives. By all estimates I should be starting the process of learning to walk by that time, and be available to do my part in taking care of baby. The 1st year after amputation is said to be the hardest, as there is a lot to learn with the many changes my body will go through.

This is where you can help.
Please pray for us:

We are still very much a newlywed couple, and while we do have what I would consider great communication, all that is going on will be taxing on the relationship.

$$$ – I have decent insurance, but with everything going on right now day to day money is and will continue to be tight. I have a great employer that will allow for whatever time I need, that has a lot to do with the fact that I am a 100% commissioned employee. Pray that the business keeps coming in while I am out.

My own mental health, even though I know this is the right decision and have been prepared for this for 15 years, it will be a difficult transition mentally. Depression is already easy for me to get into and will no doubt be there after the leg is gone.

Tara- this woman is amazing and is so supportive but this will obviously be a very interesting time for her as well. Pray for her health, and for the development of our baby, as the last few months can be pretty uncomfortable and tiring.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

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  1. Tarver….bro.
    I didn’t know.
    Crazy how the days go by.
    You’re in my prayers
    And I’m not there,
    but know God is by your side.

    My heart is with you, man. I cherish your friendship, even though we aren’t positioned to interact frequently. I will ask God for provision for you, always.

    Your friend by God’s grace, Kenny

  2. Kenny, thank you. You are a good friend, and yes it is crazy how time flies by.

  3. Tarver, Good to hear from you man. I’ll keep you in my prayers! I recently moved back to Rapid City; Demetria (my wife) and I are living with mom in the same room I grew up in. Hopefully for not much longer. We still own a house in Minneapolis and we would rather not try and swing 2 morgages. So, until it sells looks like we’ll be camped out here. Actually man I work for Biomet, a medical device company. I was just in biologics training last weekend and there is a product out there you might want to ask your surgeon about. It could help you recover faster after your surgery. It is called GPS (Gravitational Platlet System, Biomet biologics). Before your surgery, the staff would draw 55 cc’s of your blood, transfer it to a special vile and spin it in a centrifuge. By doing this they are able to separate the different components of your blood and concentrate your own platlets. Platlets contain a variety of growthfactors and play a major role in the healing process. Basically, at the end of your surgery, before stiching you back up, they spread your platlets on the recently resected tissue and it will jumpstart the healing cascade. In training I saw pictures of an amputee that would not heal (not like you, very fat) until they used this system to kickstart her healing process. Anyway, it may be worth looking into. The doctor will recognize it as Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP). There is quite a bit of literature out there on it if you want to do some digging.
    Give me a call sometime and we’ll catch up!
    By the way, congrats on firing the silver bullet! Now in the near future your going to have to answer the neigbors questions on why they have bricks thrown through their cars windows. Or maybe that was just us. Who knows.
    All our love man, you’ll be in our prayers!

  4. Tate Glader, good to hear from you man. I think that they are doing something along those lines. I remember the Doc saying that there is somehting they do to help the healing process. I will definately let him know about it though.

    ha ha ha… bricks through windows??? I don’t recall ever doing anything like that;)

    I will give you a call this weekend.

  5. HEY cousin! I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you!! Hang in there, be tough and God will be by your side!

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  8. hey bro how are you. have you been fitted for a leg yet? im 34 years old. i was hit head on by a car while riding my motorcycle i lost my left leg just below the knee. im almost healed up its been 5 weeks since the accident. just trying to get a time line of when i should get a leg.

  9. When i read your very sad story
    I want to say sp spry ..
    I think you are very kind of men,,You have a great wife , and very beautiful baby
    hope you have a good weekend
    take care

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