Drive thru church

There are a number of these types of videos floating around. As churches are embracing the arts more and more on any given Sunday, Saturday or Wednesday you can walk into a church and be “blessed” with a video illustration, if the church is serious about keeping up with the times.  Chances are that this is an illustration for a sermon of what church and the Christian life is not, and chances are that no matter how great the preacher, it was completely ineffective. Ok, maybe for a couple days.

Because I do not hide my cynicism, most people feel free to bitch about church with me. It is definitely one of my favorite topics and I don’t mind so much as long as the conversation has a hope for change. Lately I have been having a lot of conversations with people that are thinking about leaving the church they are at for greener pastures.  I will listen and most likely agree with the complaints. They normally revolve around the type of music, the environment, the feel, the cliques or the lack of the ability to engage with the presence of God.  Unless there is some sort of doctrinal disconnect or they are still in shopping mode, I refuse to encourage anyone to leave a church for a reason that has only their interest in mind.