This page is the beginning of an effort to help raise funds for amputees. Limbs are expensive and insurance companies are allowed to cap the amount that they will pay towards prosthetics. Using my situation as a model for the next amputee we are attempting to raise $40,000 to purchase a leg. This amount is an estimate of my out of pocket costs. Because prosthetic companies offer no financing, amputees must pay the full amount up front before being fit for a limb. The best time to begin fitting for the prosthetic is immediately after the stump has completely healed from it’s separation. This ensures a proper fitting socket because the stump is the most pliable at that time. Unfortunately this puts a time constraint on the amputee to come up with the $$$, and many have to chose to wait or go into debt.

I have only found one other organization that will assist amputees financially. They are a great company but cannot bear the full financial burden of the people they help. Shirts For Limbs hopes to create a system that can cover the full cost of a prosthetic. We do not see this as a lone effort, we are more than happy to partner with other groups, charities and organizations to get limbs on amputees.

Right now the effort is to buy me (Tarver) a leg. Any extra $$$ received will go to the start up costs for Shirts For Limbs.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. As a thank you for a minimum donation of $25 you will receive a free shirt. Please feel free to donate more as you so desire.

The shirts are rad! Here is a sample of what will be on the front.

the-shirts-are-in-2.jpgthe-shirts-are-in.jpgsample image that will be on the shirts

With a minimum $30 donation you can get the new Yellow shirt.

Yellow shirt

We are still working on business side of things and do not have non profit status as of yet. It takes sometimes a year to reach that.

Donations can be made through the paypal link on the right or below. (Please be sure to provide your contact info so we know where to send your shirt.) Because of the different sizes of screens and different browser’s you may be using, the PayPal link may be way at the bottom of your screen. It is a button that says “make a donation”.

PLEASE NOTE: The PayPal page is a little confusing. It will only allow a quantity of one, because it is a donations only type of account. Until I have a separate website, this is the best way I have found to set it up. We are working on a separate site for Shirts For Limbs. You can still donate any amount that you so choose. I will email you as soon as I see the transaction to get your #of shirts and sizes. Thank you ahead of time and I apologize for any confusion this may cause.


By mail, please provide your shirt size, email address, phone # or any other way we can get a hold of you to say Thank you.

For right now checks need to be made out to me.

Tarver Hannant
P.O. BOX 20624
Portland, OR 97294

Please feel free to link to this page or tell anyone you know about this endeavor.

Your information will not be sold, given or used for any other purpose.



  1. Tarver,
    I can print the shirts if you want. I have all the equipment set up and ready to go in the garage. I also have a wholesale account at American Apparel. I would love to help out.

  2. Hi Tarver;

    I think what you are doing is awesome. We (our Prayer Group) at church pray for you every Sunday night and I know they pray throughout the week for you and Tara.

    I love your website and we will continue to pray that the finances will come in. God has it all and all we have to do is believe that He will provide and we do.

    We wish you the best of luck with your project. We will keep up with your website as to how you are doing.

    We love you;

    Burt and Brenda

  3. Tarver-
    My sister is Jodie Bagley… and I remember you from their wedding. My husband and I were heartbroken at the news of your amputation, but we’re praying for you, and I want to encourage you with this verse that has touched my heart immensely these last weeks. 2 Tim. 2:10 Paul writes, “Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory”. My prayer for you is that through this hardship, some may be saved, for Christ’s glory.
    Thinking of you,
    Tracy and Cecil Ramos

  4. Burt and Brenda, I know that you love me and thank you for your prayers keep it up. Be sure to be praying for our baby as well it is coming so soon.

  5. Tracy, thank you for your encouragement and prayers, keep it up.
    Please do not be heartbroken too long, this was a decision that we made and a good one at that. I am in little to no pain and I haven’t been able to say that for 15 years. Be sure to tell Cecil hello from me, and if time allows it give me a call next time your up visiting.

  6. Tarver, Dude- it is such a relief to read that you are well. I am keeping updated through Adam, Chrissy, and Nate. Nate and I are planniing to buy some shirts and I already have a handful of friends that want to purchase shirts. including my Mom who is also emailing a bunch of her friends in California- cool huh? I am really touched by your story and freindship to Nate and myself. Love to you, Tara, baby.

  7. Hey- Just heard about your surgery yesterday when I stopped by the office to say Hi!. Needless to say I was surprised. What a huge decision to make…you are a strong man indeed! I’m seldom speechless but this is one of those rare times!

    I was thinking about what I might be able to do and came in the office today and one of the guys asked if I might be interested in helping at his booth at the Gay Pride Parade on Saturday….wheels turned and since this would be a business booth I thought it might also become a “Shirts for Limbs” booth. Do yo have any shirts available that I could take to the booth and sell? The other idea would be to set up my laptop at the booth and order online. I think it would be an easier sell with shirts there for people to see and check sizes etc….. Call me or email me as soon as possible so I can see if this might work. Hi to Tara…Love to you all! P

  8. Pegge, thank you. Yeah we will talk and I can get you some shirts for people to try on and then just place orders, if you don’t mind using your laptop there is a free wi-fi down there that will work fine. I will talk with you Friday. Love’s to you and your’s as well.

  9. Dude, just saw your feature on KATU. Let me get a Paypal account and I’ll send you some bucks.

  10. Tarver,
    I also saw the KATU piece and would like to contribute for your new leg. I am a healthcare worker who was injured and paying through the nose for COBRA coverage. Healthcare sucks.

    What sizes are available and can we actually hand you a check and pick up the shirt(s)?


  11. As for handing me a check I try to keep it strictly through PayPal or cash. There is a P.O. Box listed above. I will also be hanging around outside Saturday Market, I would love to meet you.

  12. To Tana,

    First, this is not an opportunity to advertise. As a Favor I will leave your post up over night.

    Second, If you want to raise some money and give it to me cool. I have enough going on right now with the whole leg getting chopped and a baby on the way. But thank you.

  13. Tarver,

    Just ordered my shirt and I have linked to you from my blog. And posted the link in several of my Yahoo groups. All the best in your endeavor! You are to be commended on your fortitude and perserverance. And as a mother of three…good luck!


  14. Imagine a stall or just a chair at Saturday market with you in it, a fishing pole, and a clear jar (so no one can stick their hand in) full of money: “Fishing for mobility” or something. There are farmers markets all over on Saturday (PSU, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham), you could have your friends selling shirts and collect the dough, if you have people you trust. Or maybe you and your wife (quite a picture, a legless man and his PG wife). Hey, you could dress as pirates!!

    Anyway, I will be checking to see how your PayPal button works today June 21. I’m unemployed so there won’t be much; you’re REALLY blessed to be able to work and have a steady job. I do know, though, how difficult it can be to maneuver with crutches. I definitely gave up on crutches and used a wheelchair when I had knee surgery; I kept falling over backwards!

    Note: I think maybe God has blessed you with this time–being unable to always run off “with the guys” to avoid household chores will actually allow you to get close to the kid and appreciate/understand why your wife spends so much time with him/her. It’s a very time-consuming job, being a mother and/or good parent, but THE most rewarding in the universe!!

    God protect and bless you with good favor!!!

  15. Hey Tarver, I was your wedding partner at Nate and Jodie’s wedding. I’m not sure if there is a way but it would be awesome if KATU Channel 2 news coverage was available on YouTube so the video could be posted in emails and on myspace. I am doing my best to get your story out with people here at work and on myspace.

    Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this blessing to you and your family.

  16. Best wishes!!!!
    I am spreading the word, to co- workers, friends and neighbors. You are a wonderful example of what is NOT happening in health care.
    Have you thought of contacting Michael Moore? Maybe with the release of his new movie soon to be released to the public, you can get more news coverage.
    You are an inspiration and a blessing.

  17. This is such an awesome and creative idea, Tarver. I like Liz’s idea about contacting Michael Moore since what you are doing so very well points out what the inadequacies in our health care system actually mean for the individuals involved. I wish you the best in your quest!

  18. Tarver,
    Great idea you have here. I wish you all the luck. Hope to meet you at the Horse Brass. I posted a story over on metblogs.

  19. Tarver,

    Just read about ya in dieselboi’s post on metblogs… This is a fantastic idea. Best of luck.

    When we first started looking for some help funding an operation for our daughter, someone mentioned as a great way to help track and advertise the fund. Free service that let’s you put a little graph on your site updated in real time showing your progress (look at if you wanna see one in action). Better still, it makes it easy for other people to add your ChipIn to their personal sites to help spread the word.

    Again, good luck!


  20. In case anyone might want to also cover the cost of the shirt, would you mind giving out that information?

  21. The Governor just signed my legislation requiring all insurances to pay for prosthetics. No more high co-pays, lifetime limits or prosthetic caps. This took me almost 3 years to pass but is now Oregon law starting Jan 1st, 2008. The bill is HB 2517 if you want to read it. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you get a leg. I am an orthopedic surgeon here in town and an above knee amputee as well.


  22. Matt, that is what I have heard, thank you for your efforts in that. I would most definitely be interested in looking into the avenues you know of to getting a leg.

    Joi, I just received a DVD copy of the KATU report and am trying to figure out how ti get it on to you tube.

    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, they really mean a lot. Lets keep working on getting the word out.

  23. Hi Tarver,

    Fantastic idea! Read about your situation in WW, and just used Paypal to buy a shirt (it worked flawlessly, by the way). I’m a physician here at Good Sam, and I’m going to share your story and website with all my docs and staff here in the clinic!

    Take care, and best of luck to you! You’re an inspiration.

  24. Tarver just bought a couple shirts! Hope your doing good! Prayers daily for you and your family… Love ya! Kari

  25. Hey Tarver, I found out about your website from the Friesen Fortnightly and I just bought a t-shirt. God bless you in this endeavor and hopefully others will be blessed as a result of this project you have started. In Christ, Jessica

  26. Hi Tarver,

    You may not remember me, but Damian Clarke is a mutual friend of ours from Multnomah. I heard about the surgery through Friesen Fortnightly and will be praying for all your endeavors. As soon as I can scrounge some shekels, I’ll be buying a shirt or two. Keep up the good work and God bless.

    Andrew Marshall

  27. Tarver,

    Great to see your doing well. Our prayers are with you.


  28. Hi Tarver,

    I found out about this from the Friesen Fortnightly and just bought a shirt. I admire the fact that you are taking a creative initiative in this. I know God can use this to really be the start of something that can help a lot of people. Just knowing they don’t have to give up, get a ton of debt, and be on their own will be a huge encouragement. God bless you and continue to guide you!

  29. Hey,

    I have a relatively high-tech leg that I was fortunate enough to replace with a C-leg. I would be more than willing to let you have it, and my prosthetist would help out with fitting, etc. If you are interested, let me know. It was a long hard fight for me to get a leg that fit well, and I would really like to help.

  30. Now there’s a chance of a lifetime; your fairy godmother must be looking out for you!

  31. I am curious if the leg is made out of gold:$40,000! We need to start a prosthetic major at MBC? Sounds like it could be self-supporting and globally useful. Whose in with me?

  32. Tarver,

  33. Tarver,

    I would like to donate a Leg Lamp to your quest. It seems fitting. Something you can raffle off at your next event. Please contact me at

    Good Luck– Brian

  34. hi there,
    i just wanted to give you a resource you may want to check out. i’m a vocational rehabilitation counselor in the state of pennsylvania, and we work with many amputees. our agency(ovr) helps these individuals pay for prosthetics, i believe we may even pay for them entirely for some individuals. voc rehab’s goal is to get individuals to work, and if you already have a job, then this is obviously something that you need to maintain your employment. every state has a vocational rehab services agency and receives federal money. i’m not sure what kind of services oregon has, but it may be worth checking out(or i guess you could move to pa!). this site lists all the agencies in the country:

  35. Thanks Kim, i will definately check it out, even if not for me at the least it gives me an avenue for others as we work on this.

    Thank you,

  36. Hey Tarver,

    You are quick! Thanks for getting the shirts to us so fast. We will wear them with pleasure. Thanks for the cards too. Hopefully the shirts will generate interest so that we can get the cards handed out to those who will also buy shirts. And those people will hand out cards to those they generate interest in, and so on, and so on….

    I trust your leg will be there very soon! 🙂

  37. Tarver, have you applied for Extreme Makeover? They supplied a prosthetic leg to a guy last week and he got the top of the line!!

  38. Oh, I see, you need that much more (to get the rest of the story?) . Anyway, I am sending another $25.00 to match what I sent before. Good luck!

  39. Penny, thank you for your additional donation. I have sent numerous applications and info on my situation and have had no response. From what I can tell it has to come from other people, so feel free to pass the story on to any publication you wish.

  40. i got my shirt today at the saturday market and i think what your doing is mad awesome.
    your an inspiration. and good luck with your baby!

  41. Hey Tarver, I met you today, and what you are doing has really been stuck in my mind.
    I’d love to actually assist in any way possible, and maybe bring the effort to Salem as well and start promoting the cause like crazy.
    my sisters and i got in the car after we left and said “yeap, we are getting Tarver a leg”. lol. so let me know whatever you need. I actually had some other ideas on some things.
    well if you like to chat about it…lets do so.
    my thoughts are with ya.

  42. I don’t even know you Tarver — but my old friend Ed just sent an e-mail to me about your cause — money is on it’s way!

    If you’re ever in the Bay Area — hit me up! Any friend of Ed’s is a friend of mine.

    James K.

  43. Hi Tarver-

    I met you and your wife last Friday at your appointment (I was the other guy in the room with the shaved head). I’m from Seattle, but I’ve been over in Connecticut for the last couple years finishing prosthetic school and my prosthetic residency. I was taken by your story and your cause, and I’ll doing my best to network for you over here on the east coast. Since I very well may begin working at the office that we met, I really hope I get a chance to work with you and see you take your first new steps! What you are starting here is fantastic and necessary, I hope you realize that. There are a lot of amputees in the same position.
    Your entire (soon to be) family is in my thoughts and prayers.


  44. Hello Tarver,
    I have a friend who recently lost his left leg above the knee and I ran accross your page trying to find ways to help him. It’s something I have never been through and I was suprised at the amount of money it cost to get “back on your feet”. I think you have come up with a great way to spread the word about many people in this same situation and I hope it wont be long until you are back on your feet. Good luck and best wishes to your family.

  45. Hi Tarver,

    Remember me? I worked with you at Rbanc. Anyway I was really sick the day of the Horse Brass event so I missed it, sorry! I just wanted to see how you’re doing? Any events coming up? CJ and I would be honored to participate.

    Hope you’re well!

  46. Tarver…Look up the “Barr Foundation” in Florida…they help get legs and funding…check it out…

    Peace & Blessings
    Christian Buddy

  47. did my last comment/quesion go thru?

  48. I guess not….I’ll write it again:

    Do you guys have baby onsies with your logo? My son is almost 11 months and learning to walk. He is a perfect little billboard at mommy’s groups and I would love for us to be able to support your cause and spread the word to all the mommas I know.

    Also, I am a photographer and want to offer you my services if you could use them. Would you want some professsional fun and funky photos done of you and your fam for this project?

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Much success to you!

  49. Hey Tarvar
    This is Shane the soccer guy from Church last sunday in the park. I have an email for you but want to just have you recieve it. His name is Christin Baggy. You can him but I have his personal email. He was the one I told you about. His brother is doing a concert tour to raise money this fall as well. Calling Simon is the name of his group. Check them out as well. Email me and I will zip that email your way.

  50. Tarver, you and all american people deserved this!

    Next time you vote – make sure your candidate is going
    revamp american healthcare system into a universal one!

    Ha, you don’t think about these things before you get
    sick or have limb amputated. Only then you realise
    that nobody cares about you in this godforsaken country!

  51. Interesting effort. I don’t think the question here should be how to raise money for a limb — the real question should be WHY a few pounds of plastic and aluminum should cost $40,000 or more. THAT is what’s outrageous.

    God Bless

  52. Ha-ha, something like this could happen only in America…. I feel sorry for you! And you are saving 3rd world countries, pour billions in Iraq…. How ironic…. But your own people cannot afford a prosthetic limb.

    The reason limb costs $40K is because healthcare should be government-sponsored, free of charge for people. That’s why! And doctors have to get reqular salaries, instead of getting rich on people they treat. Being a doctor in America it’s like being a god, getting medical license means getting “a license to steal”. You change that system first, then go get a limb. Until then – USE CRUTCHES (if you can afford them)!


  53. my husband is an amputee with out insurance the prostetic company screwed up his leg at the beginning causing many more surgeries.. we are now heavily in debt with three kids. we have now found out the not only is the socket wrong the foot piece is now broken and will cost anywhere between 9 and 10 thousand dollars.. we are asking for any kind of advice and/or assistance we can find.. please help

  54. axequlvbn ywrgi xtgkbemz jxrfdl unbmhv dsgtqpz hvqeu

  55. I never realized that prosthetics had to be paid in full before getting fitted. This is a real eye opener. I will try to get the word out on this.

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