There is enough going on in my life right now and was looking for a way to keep people updated on it all and what I am thinking. If you know me you know that I would prefer to have a pint or dinner with you as opposed to writing some thoughts or a story. I want interaction with people, I want to see your eyes and hear your voice, I want a conversation as opposed to a one sided narrative. But alas this will have to do for now.

The major circumstances going on now that I will be writing about.

My wife Tara and I are still very much Newlyweds, we got married July 29th, 2006

Our first child, Xander Cole Hannant, was born on July 31st, 2007.

I am had my leg chopped off above the knee on May 31st, 2007.
I have provided “The Short of The Story” page at the top to tell you a little bit about the experience that made this necessary.

One of my biggest faults and most notable traits is that I am a cynical man, so I am sure that there will be some ranting going on about what ever has teased me that day.

Gift ideas for me:
1. For the most part I love to get new tattoo’s so cash given with the intent on a tat would be appreciated.
2. $$$$$ in general is the best gift for me. I change my mind way to often to nail it down.



  1. Hi Tarver, I’m Jodie’s Mom(of Jodie and Nate), I wish you well, praying for you too. You’ve got alot of grit and determenation I love that about you, and a baby on the way, another great gift, huh? Tara sounds great, I’m happy for you, to have such a great gal on your side. God is funny like that, giving us such gifts, just in the nick of time. Write anytime, Jana 🙂

  2. Hi Tarver, Added some link to your site to http://talbronstein.blogspot.com/
    Hope this will get you some extra traffic. Good luck with your plans!
    Steffen Berk

  3. Thanks Steffen.

  4. Tarver,

    I think your idea is awesome. I , too, am an amputee (upper extremity). I have a web site (www.ampspiration.com) that I use to link to inspirational and informational articles concerning amputees.

    I have ad space on my site and I would be happy to post an ad (no charge) to your site. If you design an ad and send it to me I will post it asap. AS simple as you want.

    I encourage you to continue to work toward a non-profit and I would help any way I could.

    Take care and good luck.


  5. Right on Dave I will contact you.

  6. Website FYI:

    http://www.HiredDS.com for people with disabilities, in case you ever need it!

  7. People appreciate the thought of being together to change tips.
    Wonderful website! Don’t change a bit!

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