New on the have to do list

Screw walking, I want to fly !!!



  1. Nothing I do in my life will ever be as awesome as this.

  2. Awesome, absolutely awesome!

  3. I hope you are kidding!!! Tarver, close your eyes and just picture in your mind you did one of these stunts!!! Remember you have a loving wife and adorable son that need and want you around.
    from your mother-in-law that wants you with them too. (: (:

  4. If you do that I will fly to Portland to personally kick you in the @$$.

    Love you bro.

  5. What a view! Couldn’t help but think it is a step…or two up from the days of you and your brother “flying” out in the yard of the farm with sheets tied to your arms and ankles!
    Not sure about the closeness of the rocks, but for a moment could feel the thrill!! Tarver, the music as well struck me, thanks for sharing this! I’m pondering this one for sure, can you guarantee a soft landing?

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