The waiting game part II

Women amaze me, especially in the labor process. Something inside them kicks in and as a man you have to just sit back and think one of two things; the first being WOW that looks like it hurts tied with the feeling of I’m glad its not me, the other is trying to figure out something you can do to alleviate the pain. There’s not. We did the classes and learned all about the breathing and some suggestions for “the birthing partner” to do but aside from some encouraging words, the occasional back rub and holding her hand we get to watch in astonishment.

Late last week Tara started having minor contractions that got regular Saturday evening. By 3:30am Sunday (also our first anniversary) we were at the hospital with contractions right on top of each other every 3-5 minutes lasting a minute for a couple hours. I don’t know if it was my driving, the air in the hospital or the monitors hooked up on her but after being at the hospital for about thirty minutes they slowed to about ten minutes apart. After a couple hour-long walks and monitoring in between with no change, we came home to rest. We both were able to get a few hours of sleep. Contractions all yesterday were sporadic which also allowed for her to get some sleep last night. This morning they are starting to get regular again averaging 5-7 minutes. Tara is falling asleep between them. Exhausted she wakes, looks at the clock, breathes, gives a sigh of relief and falls back asleep.

Not wanting my wife to struggle much more hopefully/prayerfully my next post will be introducing you to baby Hannant.



  1. Good luck to you both! I remember being sent home so many times with my first two, it was so frustrating. Hang in there!

  2. Right on dude. And when she’s in the middle of it and screams, “This is your fault you @#$#ing pig!” You’ll say, “Yes dear.”

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! We’ll be praying for you guys and the delivery…hope baby is here soon!!

  4. The baby will come…they always do. Enjoy your last few moments together, alone. It’s a crazy and exciting time.

  5. Wow! It’s really happening! Kudos to your serenity. I’d be a mess!

  6. I’m late with this but Happy Anniversary to you both and good luck! I look forward to hearing when baby Hannant is here. I’ll be praying for a smoothe labor and birth.

  7. Well the wait is finally over and Xander Cole has finally entered your lives!!!!! It has been a rough few days of labor for Tara but well worth the joy you have received from the Lord. Tarver and Tara you both will be wonderful parents and Xander will receive much love from you, (and of course from Grandma and your parents too) Can’t wait to see pictures of Xander and then hold him in my arms August 17th. Congratulations!!!!!

  8. Xander Cole Hannant – sounds like a Jedi Knight!! Great job Tara!

  9. Wow! What a great call to recieve!! You are parents!! Hey, we are Grandparents!! Can’t wait to hold our grandson, if you give us the chance!! We rejoice with you and Tara. Great job ,Tara! Tarver shared how awesome you were through this long labor process!
    Praise God for whom all blessings flow!! The miracle of life!! Take some well needed naps these next days!!! Can’t wait to hear all the stats!!
    See you all, soon! Mom and Dad

  10. Congrats you guys! I can’t wait to meet Xander!

  11. Congrats to both of you! I can’t wait to see pics!

  12. Wow; that is so awesome. Tarver, you look so happy and a natural dad. You don’t look nervous holding that little boy at all. And Tara, you did a wonderful job. At least according to all the comments, you are an amazing woman. Cngratulations to you both.

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