The waiting game

I’ve said before that between everything with the chop and baby, this summer is pretty much a waiting game. In a matter of days baby will be here. We had a baby appointment today, and the only news we got was that everything is on track, and it should be any day now. Thanks that helps, especially with the routine questions. The main question that is getting asked constantly is, “are you ready?” I don’t know, baby isn’t here yet; I’ll let you know. I am as ready as I think I can be, Tara and I have had nine months to prepare, I think that’s good notice. I have heard all kinds of advice, some I can tell right away is, “not the way I would go about things” some I can’t tell whether it is good or bad however, baby’s not here yet, I’ll let you know. The other side of that question is the tangible side. Yes, we are ready. Baby’s room is all put together and collecting dust. We have all the clothes we need along with everything that baby and mommy require, and a little more. I think the only thing missing is a daddy with two legs, but that one is in the process of being resolved.

The hardest part about this waiting game for me is trying to do anything. I won’t go to far into it but with me being out from work so long there have been some changes. I need to make a decision of whether or not this current/new position will provide for my growing family. I’m almost to the point where I don’t think that it will, and need to make a change. However, making that decision now is hard while in this waiting game. I don’t think it looks too good with a new employer to start and a couple days in say, “my wife just had a baby and I have family in town, see you in a month.” In this process, I’m doing my best at supporting my wife. There is not much I can do for an independent pregnant woman aside from reminding her how beautiful she is, and putting lotion on her feet. So I sit, and with every cramp or moan wonder/hope to hear, “It’s time”.



  1. It will be amazing to see a little Baby Hannant in the world!

  2. Say, Tarver, since they can do knee replacement surgery, why not hook a prosthetic up to a person’s leg bone to prevent skin and joint irritation? Is a person’s leg bone (and the surrounding muscle, fat, nerves) not able to accept metal? and how about transplantation? Too expensive? Too weird? Well, maybe someday.

    PS: How’s the fund coming to date?

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