ATM Parking

I’ve been in one of those moods where I am just looking for a fight, and this afternoon I just could not help myself. Stupid drivers have got to be my biggest source of frustration, aside from insurance caps. I was at a local grocer/ wannabe Wal-Mart looking for a parking spot and all the blue guys were taken. I had passed this lady a couple times looking for a spot, and I noticed that a handicap spot was opening up. I pull up to wait for it and right on my bumper is this lady again. As I pull forward she does as well, and slides into the area next to me marked full of yellow lines, that has the ramp up the to the sidewalk and is also for vans that have lifts. There is an outdoor ATM there with a long line that she quickly gets in. There were a couple other people eyeballing her and who better to let her know of her idiocy than a one legged man, since she was starring as it is.

For the sake of my Mother, I will not recite a word for word dialog, but I walked by and politely with a hint of sarcasm said, “excellent parking”. She snidely responds with a, “hey I’m just using the ATM and it’s raining” to which I respond with, “I see that, I’m glad for you that the yellow lines and blue signs mean ATM parking” that got a nice laugh from the line. I got called a nice name along with a similar response about the rain. There were some pleasantries exchanged as I provided her with the intent of yellow lines and blue signs, but she never faulted from her position that it doesn’t matter, “I’m just using the ATM and it’s raining” except with different expletives. Satisfied, and also seeing that I was obviously in the wrong I went inside, out of the rain.



  1. Tarver, you always tell the best stories. 😉

  2. What a good son. My poor mother has to suffer through all the rants and abusive language contained in my blogs.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t have spared the details for anything. Of course, the last thing I need is another known, detailed instance of self-centered ignorance to reinforce my general discussed of humanity. So thanks for being brief for all those mothers out there as well as all those with humanity directed anger issues.

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