A little rant

I am not writing this post because of a lack of donations. I am actually blown away at the progress that has been made and if it takes longer than planned to get a new leg then I will buy better crutches, but this has nothing to do with Shirts For Limbs. I am in a situation of receiving a lot from people that I do not even know and for me as I process that touches on some issues that I feel strongly about.

In the last week alone I have had conversations with four good men that are working their asses off just to put food on the table. I am not angry about the fact that they have to work or even that they have to struggle, we all will at times. I am pissed because they are men that would give the shirt off their back to help any one. They are not lazy. They are educated. None of them have any type addiction or habit that has caused this time of hardship; I have seen some of their budgets and spending trends. But yet it is known by anyone that knows them that they are in need.

People offer to buy something from them. They work overtime and take side jobs. They are married men that have families that they would much rather be spending time with. In some cases if not all their home lives are in a state of crisis as well, not because they are broke but because they not getting the time they need. Their wives would follow them to the end of the earth or under a bridge.

There is an aspect of generosity that causes most to think that they cannot do anything. It is the thought of our own bills. I know that most of us are tight as it is. What I suggest is look at your creature comforts, give up one and see what you can do. For me if I have one pint instead of two when I go to the pub that is about $40 a month.

I don’t want people to clean out their retirement or put themselves where they can’t pay their own bills. First I want people to sit for five minutes and look at their past. There has to be a time where we all had some sort of struggle, it doesn’t have to be financial. Next understand that there is someone you know that is experiencing a similar situation only for them it is financial. After that look at what you might be able to do to help. Maybe you have an extra $100, walk up to them and just say, “Here, I want you to have this”. Or pick up one of their bills for a while, not their mortgage but maybe their electric bill or buy their groceries once a month.

Giving is hard to do with out reason, it’s not a birthday or Christmas why is it necessary? Try it and you might find out why.


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