Oh to have a clear mind again

A little to soon I am now starting to think I decided to get off all the pain meds that I could. There is still one that I am taking for the nerve’s that are learning their new place or lack there of. I made a decision about eight years ago, crap almost nine, to get off all medication legal or not. This last month being on drugs again has been really interesting in my head. If I tried hard enough I could realize that I am still feeling the pain I just don’t care about it. I then started to realize that I like the fact that I don’t care about the pain, which has led to the most recent decision.

After detoxing for a couple days, a process that I never thought I would have to go through again, it is nice to have a clear head. While I am still learning to manage pain it’s great to have more than a ten-minute memory span. Unfortunately though I have stopped talking in my sleep. There was one night that I woke Tara up to tell her that I needed her to paint my back. Also the night that I was kicking her off the bed and when asked I told her that she was an ice burg. Just a note, don’t kick pregnant women when they are asleep.


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