A good night at the Brass

Having a shirt party at the Brass last night resulted in $2724 in profit. Thank you all who gave donations, bought a shirt and had a couple pints at what I would say is the best place to have a beer.

In short we have about two weeks to double what we have raised so far. So now that you have donated and bought a shirt we still need the word to go out. I know that some of you know someone who knows some one. Lets keep spreading the word. There are already a lot of you who are telling people and lets keep doing that.

As a reminder we are at Saturday market every Saturday and need help down there if any one wants to come down for an hour or two that would be rad. Feel free to send us ideas of other places to have shirt parties (now I am starting to sound like Amway) or other fund raisers.

As an idea and to let you know what people are doing, I just recieved a $170 donation from an acquaintance that is making cheesecakes and selling them around to those she knows. If you are in the market for a cheese cake let me know and I will pass on the info, and from what I have heard they are fabulous!



  1. Have you had Adam yo-yo at the market yet? It tends to attract attention, not that what you have doesn’t attract enough. I suppose you don’t want to look like one of those web sites in which the designer clearly just discovered power point.

  2. he was out there this past saturday, I’ll let him tell you about it but I think that is brother is comig into town and going to give it a try next week.

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