“The blue guy”

For the last three years I have had a handicapped hanger thingy, I call it the blue guy. Every time I would park somewhere I would get “that look”. I would describe it as a look that says “you little punk, you took your grandmas blue guy.” This would come from I would say 85% of the people that would watch me park or see me go to my car. There have been numerous times that people would come over to me and say something in the vein of “why don’t you leave that for people that need it”, depending on my mood I would normally just knock on my leg somewhere on my brace, around the mid calf. Most at that point would just walk away after a quick apology. I will refrain from what my response was if I was a different mood.

Now Tara and I pull up to the blue guy spot hang the thingy and still get the look. I can understand what they are thinking; here is a one of those punks that stole his grandmas blue guy and a girl way to beautiful for him. It is definitely a site when we get out. Tara is 37 days from her due date, almost all belly, and I have one leg. The people that were once giving “that look” have changed their expression to one that just scream’s, “Damn I’m doing to hell”. Tara and I will give a nice polite nod, say hello and then look at each other and hold a laugh until we are a safe distance away.



  1. I can just picture the two of you getting out of your explorer!!! You probably wish you could have a camera attached in it to get the looks of the people that give you the “first look” and then the “afterwards look”. I am sure it would be a priceless video. Wait until you, Tara and the new baby get out of the explorer for the first time with diaper bag, baby stroller, etc…..the people won’t know who to look at first! It is a good thing you both have a great sense of humor.
    It is a lesson for all of us on that first impression, and how easily we want to judge a person without knowing the facts. That is why we should NEVER judge others. You never know what is really going on it that person’s life….only GOD does. …And HE loves us just the way we are.

  2. “And HE loves us just the way we are. ”

    Yeah! Even loud-mouthed bi-sexual atheists who get in arguments with mean guys in warehouse parking lots!

    See you tomorrow!

  3. You know I never questioned or even noticed whether someone had a disabled parking permit (blue guy) until I met someone who really needed it and saw how difficult it was for them to find a disabled parking place that was open. When I saw how people stared, I just thanked them for checking to make sure the spot was empty for the people who really needed it, and then helped my friend get into his wheelchair (MS). I did, though, see how his friends kept trying to borrow it and got their name and address when they asked, to make sure they knew how important this was to him, hard to get, and not just a plaything. At that point, they usually quit asking. I do look now, because I know there really are idiots out there who would beg, borrow, or steal one for their own purposes.

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