Still healing

I saw the doctor and the prosthestist (guy that makes the leg) on Monday and I am healing well. We are working right now on figuring out the nerve pain. The last couple of days it has been getting worse but completely manageable. I am still a couple weeks from fitting for the prosthetic, mostly because the incision is not quite closed yet. That actually works in our benefit because while shirt sales are climbing we need a lot more to make this happen. So please help us spread the word.

I was so looking forward to getting the process of fitting for the leg started. In all honesty it has bummed me out. Mostly because it is not following the time line that is in my head of how all this should be going. I have mentioned before how I am just not a patient man and this has really taken its toll on me the last couple of days. I know that it is just my body telling me to slow down so I have been sleeping a lot and in more pain than when I first came home from the hospital. The rad thing is that everyday I am more certain that this whole thing was the right thing to do. Tara mentioned the other day that I am getting around better with one leg and crutches than I was for the six months preceding the chop.



  1. Hi Tarv!
    I am glad that you wrote some of your thoughts out, hard as it is to not be where you wanted to be in the healing process, it will come!! It is good to hear though, that Tara can see the progress in what had been to what is now.
    Probably wouldn’t do any good to remind you” that good things take time”. In God’s timing you will get fit for your leg and be using it to hold your wife’s hand…and to holkd your baby!! Keep that in front of you during this time of healing and processing it all. Love you!!!

  2. Just curious, who is your prosthetist and what did he/she say about the nerve pain and the healing time? If the pain is bad, you can get medication: Aleve only helps when I take three every six hours; Naprosyn is a good one, doesn’t make me too sleepy, but it’s a prescription. Sometimes they can give a person a seizure medication too that will numb the nerve center in the brain. Question is, is numbing the pain worth being sleepy or slow/stupid on the job? Definitely ask the doc, because you would need to know how eacy medication affects your circulatory system and healing. Also, green leafy vegies are great for the nerves (lots of vitamin K). If you can’t stand the taste, put some seasoned rice vinegar on it. Great stuff!!

    Oh, and thanks for mailing the t-shirt!!

  3. Penny, I actually haven’ t heard much of a definite time line on the healing, more of just every person heals differently. As for the meds I take as little a I can so that I can stay sharp. The amount of pain that I am in now with this is a lot less than what I have been living before the chop. It is a different pain but I am figuring it out.

    and yes I love the greens for the circulation but also cause I like to experiment with the seasonings.

  4. Hey Tarver,

    We haven’t had the privelege of meeting face to face, but we have prayed a lot for you! We are co workers with your parents in Mexico. We jsut wanted you to know that when your parents come to meet the new grandbaby we will be sending a check for $200 with them. Our prayer is that soon you will have your new leg.

    Blessings, Clyde and Rebecca Porter

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