Crazy Day!

So I am sitting at a coffee shop yesterday morning, just doing my morning thing; reading, writing a little, journaling, enjoying my coffee and just basically getting my head in the place to face the day. This guy comes up to me and says, “you’re the guy selling shirts to buy his leg aren’t you.” I tell him yeah and we talk a bit, and a couple other people start noticing as well. I’m kind of slow in the morning but I finally noticed that they all are reading the Willamette Week. It hits me that my article was published. I quickly hobble over to grab one after talking with a few more folks, and the article is pretty good. The only thing I wand to make perfectly clear is that, Shirts For Limbs IS NOT an NPO as of yet. We are definitely working on getting that status but it takes a while.

After leaving the coffee shop I get to car and check my voice mail and KATU wants to do an interview. I call the reporter, set a time and rush home to let Tara know. Unfortunately, Tara is sick and pregnant so she wasn’t able to be part of the interview. The interview was a blast. As many know it doesn’t take much to get me talking, and I just roll with what Shirts For Limbs is about, how I got zapped and a number of other things.

When the reporter and her cameraman left I checked my voice mail. There were a couple messages from my office. I called in and my boss, who I must say is a amazing man to work for/with, lets me know that I have to come in. For him to insist that I come in now and can’t wait means something big is happening. In short, anyone that was on salary was let go and their last day is Friday, the 22nd. Fortunately, I am a 100% commission employee, so I still have a job, kind of. The company that I work for has two separate sides, and I will be moving into a new position managing sales for both sides. This is a hard thing to be happy for, because the people that I was working with made working a pleasure, and they will without a doubt be missed.

To top it off we had our first baby class last night. That was interesting. There were seven couples, five knew that they were having boys and one couple besides us that are waiting to find out. I am pulling (51%/49%) for a girl, but of course I will accept and love which ever is incubating in Tara’s belly. There was one part of the class where the guys and girls were separated and the guys were asked to talk about one of the biggest mental struggles that we are having. I have said this before but it is definitely an “issue” in my head to get over. I feel like I am stealing Tara’s baby thunder. She confirms that I am not, and actually, the fact that we are so busy is helping the pregnancy go well.  She is enjoying this time of our life immensely. So again, I just need to get over it.

My beautiful wife and I

Just in case you didn’t catch the links above here they are again for the Willamette Week and the KATU interviews.

WW article

KATU broadcast



  1. Wahoo, for all the publicity, Tarver!

  2. WOW!!!!! Amazing! When will the KATU interview air??

  3. it was on last night

  4. Tarver, what a great interview with KATU!! Hopefully this interview will bring much emphasis on your financial need to purchase your prosthetic leg and then other amputees that you would like to see helped too. I will be praying that the money will start coming in faster after people have seen this interview. Who knows, you might have to place an order for more shirts!!!
    Tarver, you are truly amazing and I am so proud to have you as my son-in-law.

  5. That’s awesome! Hopefully this’ll have a tremendous impact for fund raising.

  6. Yay – it was a whole piece – a very good one too.

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