My soon to be a daddy day

I woke this morning to a Happy Soon-To-Be Fathers day card from my beautiful pregnant wife, along with a book that I have wanted to read. I knew somewhere in my medicated head that Fathers Day was coming today and that I would probably get a card from her. I don’t know if it was the words on the card, the realization that my child will be coming in less than two months, the combination or the drugs that I am on making me more emotional but I have been on the verge of tears all day. At church seeing all the little babies, looking at the card again or just seeing my wife’s beautiful baby bump, I fight the tears and get choked up.

For the most part this blog is dedicated to me talking about my chopped leg but I am constantly fighting in mind whether I am stealing my wife’s baby thunder. I am more excited to be a father than I am about the fact that my pain has decreased and will soon be almost nothing. My wife is doing an amazing job incubating and I have no doubt that she will be a great mother and I a great father.

One of the reasons I will be a great father is because of the father I have. Barry Hannant is a man that has done a magnificent job of loving me in a way that only comes from the way that he as been loved by our creator. Unconditional. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD!



  1. I wouldn’t worry about stealing Tara’s thunder. You’ll soon find out that you will quickly become invisible. It’s all about the baby and that’s who everyone wants to see. Can’t really blame them though, babies are so darn cute.

    I heard someone say once that having a baby is the one time we get to partner with God in the creation of life. Pretty awesome though.

  2. Oh, I understand that one legged or not there are not to many people that can compare with a new baby. I am more talking about right now in public. You know what I mean, that last 3 months of pregnancy she can only hear how pretty and adorable of a pregnant woman she is so many times from you. In public for the last month or two since i have made the decision and now have chopped off my leg there are a lot of times I feel she is over looked. That is what I mean more about “stealing the baby thunder”.

    Yeah that’s a pretty awesome thought, I heard it soon after we found out we were pregnant. Still blows my mind that I, with all my faults and also abilities, am being blessed so much as to be part of this. I’m sure it will continue to the closer it gets and when the littlen’ arrives.

  3. Babies: Born of Blood, can sustain our organs as they fail. So when is it due?

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