Yes! The first shipment came in and they look great.


Soon we will be out selling them at all the Portland summer events, Last Thursday, First Thursday, around Saturday market, Beer Fests and probably anything else we can think of. We have about a month to get rid of a total of 2,000 you if you can think of anything else we can do or are interested in helping out with the “street crew” let me know.

If you don’t know about it go to the “Shirts For Limbs” page to find out how to get one.

To all those who are directing people to the site and are already selling shirts for us THANK YOU.



  1. The shirts are awesome Tarver! I hope you sell a ton of them!

  2. Tarver, I want one. How much and where do send the check.

  3. Thank you,
    In short, for a minimum donation of $25 I will send a shirt as my thank you.
    There is a paypal button on the right under “make a donation” or I have a P.O. Box
    checks right now need to be made out to me
    Tarver Hannant
    P.O. BOX 20624
    Portland, OR 97294

  4. Tarv!! Great picture of you!! You are looking handsome as ever! Can see it in your eyes… are you feeling better as well?
    The shirt looks great also!! Time for the billboard and the buses!!! Love you! Mom

  5. ahh… Thanks mom! Yes I am feeling so much better. I think what you are seeing in my eyes is the drugs, I’m still on 5 different pain meds but as fast as the Docs,Tara and pain will allow am trying to get off them as soon as possible.

    Don’t get me started on the bus’s and billboards…

  6. dude…. the other design is frickin hilarious. i’m surprised you didn’t get both…. i just realized you may have had nothing to do with the ordering, since you were getting your leg chopped and all.

    talk soon…

    – joe –

  7. I know, it is great. I think that we are going to order those as well and do a small order as a limited edition…

  8. Hi Tarver, This is your cousin Diane in CA. I was just in SD visiting with your Aunt Deb and family. We weren’t able to make it in time for Dorothy’s funeral. I heard about your amputation there and Deb gave me your website. Hossein and I are going to be ordering shirts to sell. Should I do that on the website or directly with you? I am so proud of you and that we are related. You’ve been through so much and you are in my prayers always. I’m very excited that you are married and having a baby soon. That is wonderful. God bless you guys richly. Your blog is great. Keep your faith strong.

    with so much love,


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