“healthy baby” again

Yesterday we had a baby appointment. Again all is well. Baby has moved head down, so it is getting in place. This sucks for Tara because that means the feet are in her ribs. According to the Doctor, Tara is doing well also. Except that she almost passed out as we were leaving. We were kind of rushed that morning and she just didn’t have enough to eat. She was fine after they got some crackers and juice into her and she just sat for a while. I want to say again that it so nice to have a Doctor that you respect. This woman is great; she is a little older, maybe a touch older than our parents, and obviously loves what she does. She is so good at communicating with Tara and letting her know that she is doing a great job while also educating us on what is happening.

As a soon to be dad my favorite part of these appointments is hearing the heartbeat. It’s coming from a poor speaker and its just a bumpf bumpf bumpf bumpf bumpf, but that is my, I mean our, baby that we can hear, that we will get to hold soon. Baby has also started moving a lot it is so rad, you can see it move in Tara’s belly on the outside! Out of nowhere you will see this bump move across her belly. It’s freaky, like something out Alien, it is fun to try and catch it. Baby always wins.

People have been asking me if I am getting scared or asking me if I am ready. Scared no. Ready, is anyone ever actually ready for kids. Anxious yes. The thing is, I know that I am going to be a great father and Tara is going to be a great mother. We both want this baby and we are going to be great parents. I know that this is coming from a person that has never had kids, but there is nothing about this child coming that is freaking me out. I am not saying that I know anything about raising a child. I will learn. I’m sure I will not always be this excited. I sure I will at some point get in my car and drive to some quiet place, scream as loud as I can every obscenity that I know, in every sequence I can think of, come up with some of my own, pee on a tree and drive back to my family.

For a point of clarification, every now and then I refer for our up coming baby as “it”. Tara and I have chosen not to find out the sex. I know that it is my developing human child.



  1. I was where you’re at not all that long ago. It’s a fun and exciting time. Enjoy the ride, it’s a blast.

  2. I had a kitten once.

  3. did it not grow to be a cat?

  4. I’m excited for you guys! Being a parent is a full time job with a lot of stress and endless rewards. The best part is the unconditional love that you have for your child and your children have for you. It’s amazing!

  5. Right on Angie, the whole unconditional love thing is really interesting to me. Mostly I am interested in how that fact will change or affect my spiritual life.

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