What I know today

One of my biggest fears going into the decision to chop off my leg has been the fact of depression being inevitable. From looking around a number of different sites for amputees and chatting with some as well, everything points to the fact that depression will set in. Let me say right off that it has not! I am a person that slips into depression easily and for years I have been trying figure out how or why with no avail. But for now I know why I am not.

I have an amazing wife that loves me well. I have a baby on the way that is getting more active every day. I have two friends, Adam & Steve, both men that are so dear to me and luckily have days free, coming over and just doing what they would normally do with their days. I have a Church Community that brings us dinners every night. I have friends that stop buy to say they love me, and also remind me that I make a difference. Everyday I get the mail, and while some of cards are too cheesy to read they are from people I don’t know sending their wishes. This T-Shirt thing that we have started is keeping me so busy that it will be hard to figure out my schedule when I go back to work, not to mention the desire. Looking at it now I think that this could work out. I’m not talking about just for me, but more for other amputees. It would be some what of a dream come true to create a company that I have a passion about, but that also helps people that for the most part can’t help themselves.

The even better news is that I know that none of the things I have listed will come to an end. OK the dinners will stop, but hey at least I got out of dishes for a while.


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