Puzzle Pieces

We had appointments today with both the Doctor and the Prosthestist. It looks like everything is going according to plan. The sutures came out, and I was told that I am healing very well. Well enough in fact that they have put the “shrinker” on. This really is just over priced panty hose that go over the stump, with the idea of containing and minimizing the swelling during the final healing process. I will have a smaller one in a couple weeks, and then we will start fitting for the leg.

Before I tell you about the leg let me say that it is so nice to have a Doctor that I like. This guy is rad. He is younger, not at all arrogant, with a humble confidence about him. For the most part he can appreciate my humor and treats my wife well. I am so happy with my choice in a surgeon. Hopefully, he will show up at some of the up coming events so you will be able to see what I mean.

We also started making decisions on the leg today, as far as what kind of socket, knee, and foot I will have. I chose to go with the suction type of socket, from what I can tell this is the best for moderate to high activity unless I get more into water sports. The knee that I chose is the Mercury High Activity. This will be a good leg for everyday use as well as for medium activity like jogging. It will also be a good transition leg into some more high activity things that I would like do. Normally, they start off with a basic hinge type leg but because of my progress already and from what they can tell about how I will adapt, I would most likely destroy the initial leg we are skipping. We have not yet made a decision about the foot. This is a piece of the puzzle that is very interchangeable and user specific, so as we get further into the process, I will start making more detailed decisions.

This process is moving so fast and that is a good thing all around, as I have mentioned before I am not a patient man.



  1. That knee looks great! Do they let you have a trial run with it when you are looking to see what works?

  2. I think that they have a 30 day trial get your money back type deal, but that would be the most. For the most part once you say yes this is good during the fitting process your stuck, from what I have heard from other amputee’s.

  3. Where’s the hair, man?

    Jess and I will be praying for you. I’d tell you to stay out of trouble, but we both know better than that.

  4. The hair? Got sick of it, and this is alot easier.

    thank you for your prayers

  5. Tarver, Once the baby comes and you’ve held it, your adrenaline levels will slow and that will help a lot with your plans. Anytime you feel impatient, pick the kid up and try to make it laugh or just cuddle it for a minute. The kid will love you for it, and it will lower your adrenaline levels for another day. Spending time with kids doesn’t have to be hours going to a carnival or something. Just a hug and five minutes listening to them or telling them you love them goes a LONG way.

    In the meantime, consider keeping your job skills up, not for any specific reason, but just to give you confidence that you can handle anything that comes up.

    Also, if you see another dimwit who is using the Disabled Parking Space, ask them please not to park there anymore, because it’s for people like you who are in pain and who can only hobble a few steps, and you’ll be making it easier for all the disabled people. You won’t have to be angry or glare at anybody; I’m sure their embarrassment and embarrassment will do the trick. Give them a big smile and act like the most humble soul in the world, and they will be so embarrassed/humiliated that they will NEVER forget how they inconvenience such a nice young man!

    Good luck in all things!!

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