No filter

For those of you that know me you know that I really have no concept of a line. I have tact but I am just not afraid to go “there”. I have, in my opinion, a decent filter and now because of the meds (six total, five for pain) that I am on I have no filter at all. I can completely think before I speak, the problem that I am finding is that I just don’t care what comes out my mouth. As or if I think it, it spews forth. For the most part it is funny stories or just no tact in where or how the story is told, like a pee story at dinner or dropping too many “F” bombs, where they are just not welcome. It is almost like Turrets Syndrome has appeared since chopping my leg off.

Unfortunately my wife is around me all the time, getting the worse end of it. I have become even more argumentative, snotty and just plain rude. We don’t normally fight to often. This is because from even before we were married we made an agreement to just think for two seconds before reacting to the other person, and I am not doing that now. The other night we got into it a little and I went to far. I apologized knowing my wrong and we continued to talk about why we were fighting. Naturally because of everything she has going on her patience is a little thin. I told her how I have lost all filters, which is actually something that she told me about a few days ago but because of the meds I have about an hour short-term memory. We both were forgiven and I made a commitment again to start thinking before I speak.



  1. Our common bond.

  2. one of the many reasons I adore you so, my friend.

  3. I definitely know the feeling. As soon as a thought slips into my brain, its out my mouth. My last supervisor told me I have no concept for how what I say or do might affect others/the future. Boy is she right, only she forgets that I also don’t have any foreknowledge/sense of danger because of that.

    You might ask your doc if there is a different pain medication you might take, that doesn’t affect you that way. Good luck!

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