The Stump

So before we left the hospital the Dr. had to change the dressing on the stump. Of course I was excited to see what was left of my leg. Below are some pic’s if you are interested in seeing it as well.

Caution if you have a weak stomach don’t enlarge them.

stump wrapped

right side unwrapped

left side unwraped

front unwrapped

Yes I am in my underwear, I prefer boxer briefs and yes I felt the need to show my sexy belly.



  1. Score. What will you do now with those not so latent masochistic tendencies and other ruminations that had in all mental health professionals (except myself) in the PDX region worried sick?

  2. Don’t know quite yet, but as a way to get the word out about the shirts and raise some money I was thinking about hanging upside down from my good leg, on a telephone pole, naked, outside somewhere close to the Rose Quarter, in an attempt to get on the news.

  3. You could figure out when what day/month that couple offed themselves by suiciding on the Steele Bridge a few years ago and then do your stunt from the Steele Bridge where everybody passing by in the Light Rail would see you. Forget the Rose Quarter it is so… Blazer fan. Or do it on the day the ships come in for the Rose Festival or the day of the Rose Parade and hang off Burnside, Hawthorne or Morrison. Just some ideas.

  4. Tarver! You ROCK!! I just spent some time looking through your site…it’s awesome. And you look FANtastic! Tara looks FANtastic! Hi Tara, honey. So your chop went well, you’re home with your beautiful wife, your baby’s well on his or her way, you’re on your way to a shiny new leg…..thing’s is lookin up! You’re obviously taking good care of eachother. A few words of advice from David: just say YES to drugs (phantom pain). Continue to take good care, and know that I love ya both!

  5. I love you Pete, those are definately some better locations. I will keep them in mind.

    Sharon, thank you and tell David that I will and am definately taking his advise. I used to be a total anti pain med person, but some of these drugs that they have me on are just to good. Send my wishes to the rest of the fam and we love you too.

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