na na na na, hey hey hey goodbye

The leg is gone. I feel good and this was definately the right decision. I am blessed to have such great friends and I love you all…. Time for more drugs.



  1. Tarver, what an answer to prayer that you are doing better today. It certainly has been a rough couple of days for you. I’m thankful they were finally able to regulate your meds and you were able to get a good night’s sleep last night. You’ve got the best nurse ever…..Tara. The prayers are continuing for your recovery from me, family, friends and my church. Matthew 19:26 “with God all things are possible”.
    My thoughts and prayers are with both you and Tara. Hope you both have a restful night.

  2. hottest para i’ve ever seen. except for Heather Mills, Lt. Dan, oh… and this chick i went to college with who didn’t have any legs.

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