The waiting is the hardest part

I am not a patient man. When something needs to happen, by all means do it now. On the first date with my wife I knew that I would marry this woman and we got married in four months, and that was too long for me. Even waiting on baby to arrive in two months is starting to drive me nuts. That one is a little different because there is that whole aspect of wanting a healthy baby. This waiting for life to change is hard. I have to try to go to work today for the last time in a couple of weeks and “do my job”. To do that I have to be “on”, and I am not. The only thing in my head is this up coming event. When that isn’t dominating my thoughts the anticipation of baby coming is. Which eventually brings me back to the chop.

My brother is coming in this afternoon and that will definitely be a huge assistance for both Tara and I but also us for him. I am so glad the he will be able to be here for this. For most of the hospital stuff he couldn’t be there because the hospital I went to was in TX and we lived in CO.

But now I will go to work and sell sell sell!!!


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