The Party

I love to throw parties. So about a month ago when I had a dream about a going away party for my leg where we served only drumsticks and had a leg shaped cake, I had to do it. Friday night we had the party, 30lb’s of chicken legs. Part of the reason I love to throw parties is to mostly observe the different people there. It is no secret that I have a wide variety of friends, from the most conservative Christian to gay atheists. I love them all and all are so dear to me. To be able to watch them all have a good time in the same place and celebrate this time of life with me just warms my heart.

Some people brought gifts, yes some one brought a mannequin leg. The most touching came from a 3 yr old. If you know this boy you can hear the words coming out his mouth after breaking his toy “daddy we have to give this to Tarver”

Gift from Jack



  1. dude no way, that is the greatest present 🙂 the leg!

  2. I know, you had to see the sincerity on his face when he gave it to me. Almost made me cry.

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