Oh how I love insurance companies

So in the last few months as Tara and I have been looking into making this decision to amputate my leg we have been talking with my insurance company. Today we finally found out exactly what they will pay towards a prosthetic (knee and foot). They are going to be generous enough to pay, get ready for this, $5,000!!! This is a per year maximum on a Durable Medical Equipment. So as I look into this I find out that this is a norm. My insurance company is right in the middle of the pack on what will be covered on any prosthetic, wheel chair, shower stool, cane or other piece of necessary equipment. To add on to that my insurance company will only work with one prosthetic company. When I talked with them and asked about how they will work with us in terms of payment she kind of gasped and said “we are not a bank, if you can’t pay for it take your business elsewhere”. She then gave us an application for a “special” medical credit card. I can understand this from a financial aspect, I mean who really wants to possibly have to foreclose on someone’s leg. Again this is a norm, most if not all amputees have to go into hawk to get their limbs, with a good number not being able to because of large pile of already unpaid bills.

The good news is that I found out that Oregon is about to pass a bill that will force insurance companies to treat the cost of equipment for amputees as any other procedure. This means that if I have an 80/20 type policy they will have to pay 80% of the cost after my deductible, with only a note from the Dr. saying that it is necessary. This is great news for the future of not just me but a lot of other hobblers out there. If you would like to find out more on what this bill does go here.


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