“healthy baby”


Baby is healthy, we had a Dr’s appointment for baby this morning and all is well.  Tara is doing a wonderful job as an incubator. The Dr. made the comment that she hasn’t seen a mother and baby so healthy in a long time.  I don’t know whether to believe that statement or take it as nothing more than over encouragement but nonetheless baby & Mommy are healthy.  With everything going on these appointments are an eye opener for me that there is so much to be happy about. My favorite part is when they put this microphone thingy on her stomach and we get to hear the heart beat. Helps to make it tangible to daddy.  I am going to be a father!!!! Woo hoo. I have wanted kids for a long time, been trying to adopted for three years before meeting Tara, no I did not marry her just to have kids.  I am so ready to be a dad.  The negative that hits me though is that with everything that is going on it is hard not to feel like I am stealing Tara’s baby thunder.


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  1. Trust me Tarver, as soon as she goes into labor and the baby is born it will be like “what leg, what amputation?” She/he will be a welcome distraction! I am so glad to hear Tara and the baby are doing so well.

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