Coming home from South Dakota Tara and I had a crazy day. Buying our tickets last minute we didn’t have much choice on what our flights were going to be like. Our 1st flight left Rapid City at 6 in the AM to Denver. From Denver we went to San Francisco? There the flight was over booked and we took the bump and got free tickets, right on. This sent us to Reno to catch another airline to PDX, but our bags were staying on the original plane going to Portland and would get there a couple hours before us. You can tell where this is going right. You guessed it we get to PDX and one of our three bags is missing. This is where I get pissed. Its not so much that “stuff” is missing but that neither airline is willing to take the blame. United, the original airline says, “Since you actually came in on Alaska it is their responsibility”. Alaska says “yes that is correct but United only brought us two bags go back to United they will have your third”. United then says “Oh sorry Mr. Hannant our records show that it was scanned in as arriving in PDX but like we said before that is not our responsibility being that you actually arrived on a Alaska flight”. I don’t know but to me that is just insane. Even though the bags actually came on a United flight according to the “rules” Alaska is the “responsible” airline. So after going back and forth Alaska finally is the airline to file the claim with. Today they are saying that since it has been three days and there is no sign of the bag we have to take the loss.

They are willing to reimburse some of what was lost, and I am to get them a list; Chargers for both my cell phone and laptop, the DVD of our wedding pictures, a short wedding video, a journal that I have been keeping for 3 years now, 3 pairs of shoes, a replacement hinge for my knee brace, tools for my brace, clothes and yes underwear (I am a boxer brief guy).

I know that it is just “stuff” that is going to burn anyway, but damnit it was my “stuff” and I kind of liked it. Other than the journal everything is replaceable and I really am not going to have a need for the brace items after my leg gets chopped.



  1. Damn — I’ve never heard of bags actually being lost for good! That sucks! I’d give them a list with a laptop, iPod, and whatever else I could dream up! I am so sick of air travel…

  2. I hear ya. After all that mess last week we are taking off again today for NY. OH YAY!!!

    Unfortunately they have a limit that they will reimburse but I am definitely thinking along those lines.

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