1st blog / “Grandma”

I originally wrote this to read at my grandma’s funeral May, 10th 2007 but I was just not up to it so I thought that I would start off with sharing it here.

My grandparents long ago

A couple years back I went to visit my Grandparents. We had three days of good conversation and fixing little things in the apartment. One of the most memorable conversations that we had was Grandma and I talking about our own mortality and the realization that death was coming soon. We talked about a life with no more pain, the people that have gone before us, and how we will miss dearly the people that we leave behind. We talked about the freedom that death brings. That freedom being the fact that once we are dead we are no longer bound by our sinful nature and we loose the ability to hurt other people and offend our creator. Through this conversation my Grandma affirmed me that she does not fear the loss of this life. Yes she will miss her husband who has loved her well and spent close to sixty years of life with. Yes she will miss her brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins and friends. But there is a vast difference between fear and longing.

When a loved one dies or a relationship ends it hurts us in way that nothing else can. As humans we are created with an essence of our creator. Every one of us has a trait or aspect that makes us unique from every other person that reveals more of the nature and character of God. When that connection is lost we are left with a hole that we don’t know how to explain. We are at our core at our essence, grieving for the piece of our creator that is no longer tangible to us.

I will miss my Grandma dearly. She was a woman that I used as a model for what I was looking for and found in my wife. She always had the time to listen to me whether she agreed or understood what I was saying. She always told me her honest and oftentimes harsh opinion. She told me when I was making a bad decision. She told me when I made a good decision. No matter what, once she let her opinion known she supported me. I love my Grandma and she loved me.



  1. Man, I love what you said about a piece of the creator being lost. I have never thought of it that way and it makes sense. To extend that further, I wonder if we meet someone who has similar traits we are more drawn to them as a way to reconnect with our lost loved ones and more so our creator.

    I feel for you man! Let’s drink!

  2. Thank you Luke, I am glad that you said similar because i think that is as close as it can get.

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